As nation, we are well-armed with both human and natural resources. With respect to the healthcare sector, Sri Lanka stands way ahead
among many of the developed countries though we are numerous steps behind from being so tech-savvy.

Be it western medicine or traditional ayurvedic medicine, our healthcare professionals have worked wonders. Exploring and experimenting new medicine for diesiess that have a least possibility of fading away has long been a tradition of Sri Lanka health care sector.

Dr. Tharanga Kumari Wickramasooriya, the ayurvedic doctor from the Department of ayurvedic who discovered a successful medicine Dengue, has come up with her own ayurvedic solution EPIREPIES for the Covid-19 virus. EPIREPIES is an immunity enhancing drug that can be used to boost immunity, block the Covid-19 virus from entering the body and remove the assurance of not being vulnerable to the disease again through out one’s lifetime.

This medicine wipes out the virus first stage so the person doesn’t came a carrier of the virus. The Medicine builds up antibodies inside the person’s body. An infected person who gets this medicine would be safe from the virus throughout the life time “Dr Tharanga said

EPIREPIES increases body temperature, which means, it brings the body temperature to the normal level as the patient’s body gets cold due to phlegm. Someone who generally has phlegm and also wheezing, can use this drug so it removes phlegm and fibrosis in lungs. This virus causes the increase of WBC as well as phlegm. Though a person with the generally high level of phlegm has the potential risk of developing his condition to pneumonia, in term s of Covid -19 , patients with the diabetes, kidney failures and other noncommunicable disease are more susceptible. On the other hand, if someone has a normal amount of phlegm it can also be a good medium for Covid-19 to develop inside the body. EPIREPIES also demolishers this medium which caters to the existence and growth of the virus.

Text by : Indusara Pathirana