What is this EPIREPIES ?

Epirepies is a Natural Herbal Medicine, Containing the Extracts of Timeless Medicinal Herbs. It Aids the Body in Curing Ailments such as Phlegm, Dry Cough, Shortness of Breath, Runny Nose and Pulmonary Fibrosis. This Natural Formulation is Especially Capable of Boosting the immunity system to help prevent corona virus. This herbal medicine is suitable for children, older people and pregnant women alike.

EPIREPIES”, The drug manufactured against the COVID 19 virus, was launched few months ago with MP Sisira Jayakody, the State Minister of Indigenous Medicine, Rural and Ayurveda Hospital Development and Community Health in Sri Lanka.


How does it work?


Let us stop the death of Covid19

According to Dr. Tharanga, Covid-19 causes tissue damage, increase of both LDH and the accumulation of fluids in lungs, blood clotting and failure of internal organs and Epirepies is capable of blocking all these conditions. Up to this time, Dr. Tharanga has earned commendations for her medicine for dengue and several types of cancer. She has altered and modified a particular medicine she has been using to treat lung cancer, blood clotting and paralysis to make Epirepies. “I modified the medicine according to the symptoms and the blood reports of Covid-19 patients. I have been using this medicine since 2012 to treat lung cancer. When altering it, I had to change only the initial stages of the process”.

Dr. Tharanga’s Epirepies formulation decreases the excess level of WBC (which are infected with the Covid-19 virus) till ‘real WBC’ comes. (Though there’s an excessive level of WBC due to the virus, these WBC are not real WBC, they are infected.) “This medicine can remove the virus and bring the WBC to its normal level. The virus also increases reactive protein. Epirepies lowers down the level of reactive protein as well. Covid-19 dwindles the platelets count after blood clotting and decreases CD4. Epirepies increases CD4 and brings all these complications to the usual level”.