Our Story

Lankapura Wedamadura started in the year 2012 and today it has cured thousands of patients and proved that Hela Osu can cure all diseases. Lankapura Wedamadura has been developing the most effective medicine for dengue from Hela herbs and has been able to produce the most successful medicine for Covid-19. Dr.Tharanga Kumari Wikramasooriya is one of the oldest generations of doctors in the sourthen province dating back to the 1700s. This doctor is doing a great service for the Sri Lanka, confirming the saying that there is no incurable disease form Hela herbs.

Lankapura Weda Madura

Why People Choose Us?

Quality service in a pleasant surrounding with the ability to provide wide range of personalized treatments using the power of “Hela Osu”.

We’ve launched a medicine which can successfully fight against COVID 19 by boosting your immunity system.

Our medicine for Dengue has successfully cured thousands of patients throughout the country.

We guarantee the best results of our each and every treatment since 2012 proving that there’s no incurable disease from ‘Hela herbs’ if someone could use them in the perfect way.