The Covid situation seems to be deteriorating as many Sri Lankans are now returning to their usual free and irresponsible lives, believing that they have been able to successfully control the Covid-19 or Corona epidemic that has terrorized the entire world, not just Sri Lanka. In the past, despite the threat of epidemics, crowds in many places have begun to move freely and without accountability. As a result, the number of corona infections has reportedly risen again in recent days.

It was also reported that the virus had re-emerged as a new variant with a new face. Against this backdrop, there is a renewed focus on a highly effective local drug that can certainly control Covid-19 disease. Although not as well-regarded as other local remedies that have been talked about recently, this local drug is said to have already cured a significant number of Covid infections. The Ayurvedic Formulas Committee has also approved this wonderful medicine, which cures Covid infections silently without any media publicity or even a special talk.

Named ‘EPIREPIES’, this Corona Immunosuppressive Medicine was developed by Dr. Tharanga Kumari Wickramasooriya, who had previously developed a world-renowned local medicine for dengue. This is a conversation we had recently with her.

Has this epidemic, which had been somewhat under control, worsened?

Yes, the main reason for such a situation is the negligence of everyone. In particular, I think the lack of attention and ignorance about hygiene practices and medications over the past year has contributed to this. At present a significant number of infected people have been found at the Baddegama Hospital and the Elpitiya Hospital. It is learned that most of the infected people have been identified in the health sector. It seems that many people have forgotten that you do not have to be sick just because you have a cure. In fact, we only need to take medicine if we get sick. Even if there is a cure, there is no problem if the disease is not cured. Recently, there was a rumor that a new group of viruses had arrived. There was a similar situation in Britain with regard to this epidemic. The virus first infects the lungs. That’s why I said from the beginning that coronaviruses should be treated for Lung Fibrosis. I also developed this drug to be applicable to pulmonary fibrosis. It is a common feature of a virus to change according to the existing conditions. That is, it adapts to the conditions in which a virus exists. The virus adapts to the environment and finds a way to stay in the body. We create a different way in our body than the way we try to get rid of the virus.


When the virus type changes, “Should the drug be reconstituted accordingly?”

No, there is no need to change the drug just because the virus type has changed. Regardless of the nature of the virus, the drug is effective in treating the symptoms and symptoms associated with the virus. It is a drug designed to treat conditions such as pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary cancer, but it has the ability to control the effects of the virus, albeit differently.


Is the new Corona drug now on the market?

Yes, by now the drug has been released to the market. There are also several drugstores in various locations throughout the country. Anyone can now get the medicine from those outlets in several areas including Anuradhapura, Kandy and Nittambuwa. We have the ability to supply the drug as needed for the current situation. Although the epidemic will only get worse in the future, we will not be able to cope. If for some reason there is a shortage of medicines, we have substitutes that can be used instead. Since such substitutes have now been found, I think we can somehow deal with future epidemics. I think it would be good if everyone took and used this drug now. I say that, not just because I made this drug. I say that because I am convinced that this drug can suppress corona, as it is now well established. I think a lot of people have built up a lot of confidence about this drug over the years. By now the approval of the Ayurvedic Formulas Committee has been obtained for the medicine. For a time, there was little publicity about the drug because it was not possible to supply it in the required quantity. That is, we can now increase supply as needed. Given the current situation, many people are saying that the drug should be taken to more people. In particular, Minister of State for Indigenous Medicine Promotion Sisira Jayakody has spoken to me on a number of occasions in this regard and pointed out that the drug should be promoted as soon as possible in view of the current situation. I thank him for his support, encouraging me even to seek approval for the drug. With all that, work is underway to bring the drug to more and more people. We strive to control the epidemic as soon as possible by providing as much medicine as possible to people throughout Sri Lanka. Now even people in many remote areas are coming to know about this medicine and find the new ‘Lankapura Wedamadura’. But there is no need to come like that now. We will distribute this drug to all Sri Lankans as soon as possible.


What is the background to the preparation of such a medication?

Actually, this medication was not prepared for Sri Lanka at the beginning. At that time Covid-19 had not been seriously spread in Sri Lanka, German doctor who was a friend of mine in a foreign country called and informed me that I had this disease. He knows that I have developed a drug for dengue. He also used that drug. Two days before he left Sri Lanka, he contracted dengue. He was afraid that he would not be able to board the flight that was scheduled to depart from Sri Lanka. Then I called him and told him that I would not have such a problem and gave him the medicine I had made for dengue. He was cured of the drug in a way that he could not have imagined. Then he said, “Sri Lanka is a wonderful country.” He could not believe that there was a cure for viruses like dengue in this country. He had no complications. He sent me all the information about the Covid-19 virus and information and reports on what caused it. He sent me all that information and asked me to try to find a cure for this disease if possible. He knew I was being treated for Pulmonary Cancer, as well as Pulmonary Fibrosis and Blood Clots, both of which are considered to be the main symptoms of Covid’s disease. I developed the drug to be sent abroad in the form of a drug that was ready to be sent to Sri Lanka for the first time when the corona epidemic broke out. I thought it would be lost. Therefore, “I continued my usual routine treatment as usual, and then a situation arose where a drug like this was needed.


But “until recently the society was not aware of this medication?

There was no ability or need to make such an awareness. I was not interested in advertising this drug. The media inquired about this drug. But I did not even try to talk about this to the media. I was silently watching what was happening in the field of Ayurveda in the recent past. I was saddened when local medicine became deplorable. Our Hela Veda, which is unique to us, has been recognized in Sri Lanka for a long time. We had talented local doctors. A lot of information about Hela Wedakama in our country can be found in the past. In particular, the information available in the books written during the colonial period is quite adequate. They were also passed down from generation to generation in the form of palm leaf books. There was a traditional medicine in this country which was passed down through oral tradition and the skill of the doctors. That is what indigenous medicine is all about. That medicine is still practiced by local doctors today. I just stood there watching what was happening because I knew about it. I thought that if I was doing the right thing, I would not need to shout about it. But for now, I think it’s wrong to keep quiet. Therefore, I have now taken the necessary steps to popularize the drug.


Will you be able to supply the required medications to Sri Lanka in the future?

Definitely possible. We will not allow the people of Sri Lanka to die. Many people do not know about the medication at present, so the drug has not yet reached a large number of people. However, using this medication can definitely cure Covid disease. EPIREPIES stops the patient from bleeding. This medication can control coronary artery disease, pulmonary fibrosis and weakening of internal organs as well as low potassium levels. Like the antidote for dengue, this drug, called EPIREPIES, has been shown to be effective. It is safe to say that EPIREPIES cured Covid. But dengue and Covid are caused by two different viruses. There are two types of viruses. Dengue causes internal hemorrhages. Covid disease is a condition in which a blood clot forms. Although the two viruses are twofold, “both of them cause paralysis of the internal organs of the body. In the final stages of dengue, the liver becomes inactive. This drug has the ability to control such conditions.